Combining live and stop action, puppets and children, Anti-Arktikos follows the adventures of a young girl "Momo", and her penguin friend "Pipi", in a land first identified by early Greek geographers. Believing that a large continent existed at the "bottom" of the world, to balance the land they knew about, early Greeks named this place "Anti-Arktikos".

Constructed primarily out of paper, puppets and set pieces are brought vividly to life through the camera work of Jared Whaley and the soundscape created by musicians Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner.

Based on a dream by the artist herself, Judith Mogul has created a fantastical landscape of paper sculpted glaciers, inhabited by demons, shamans, and a skeptical colony of penguins. Multiple layers of reality coexist, as we travel from two to three dimensional animation and storytelling.

The Flash video will display here.
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